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Latest work on the UH-1

Well, it was a great deal of work but I am happy to report more progress on the UH-1Many people I have talked to in the Uh-1 restor business tell me I am the first person they know who has done this replacement, if there is anyone else out there that has done this; let’s talk! I was under the threat of rain all day so did not get any pics of the zinc painting of the under bracing.

The skin that was removed was reformed, sealed and a coat of zinc chromate applied. As much riviting that was possible was undertaken with the skin off. Then it was time for the fun to begin! First, making sure the crew door fit and worked as it should. Man, what a job. Much work to get all in proper alignment. But, success. Then the re-application of the skin.

A proper sealent must be applied to all ribs prior to setting the skin, then the rivits. Care must be taken to get all aligned and straight. As you can see in the photos, skin is in place, zinc coating done. The air scoop has been restored and is in place.

The NAv light mount had not been completed as of the picture date. I have completed the re-building of the light sockets and new wiring has been completed, pic just shows where it is to be mounted. Will give an update on the Nav light soon.

You will notice one shot of the new upper toe kick door replaced on the pilot side of the UH-1. Enjoy!! More to come.

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