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The Mission of The GI Museum is to preserve memorabilia representing the generations of Americans who have served our country so that we remain free today.  Through displays and educational programs, it is our goal to make sure we never forget their sacrifice.


The GI Museum is a non-profit establishment so visitors are welcomed to tour at no charge, but donations are welcomed.

Military Restoration

The GI Museum is fully capable of restoring historical artifacts as close to their original state as possible. Our work includes four military jeeps, lights from USS Biloxi, and we are currently in the process of restoring two Huey Helicopters.

Living History

During the year The GI Museum holds “Living History” events where visitors are welcomed to come to the museum in full dress uniform representing a soldier from past conflicts. The Museum also sanctions reenactments for other visitors to watch, as well as stations for children to learn about the different military articles and their significance in history.

Local Heroes

In partnership with WKFK Channel 7 located in Pascagoula, museum owner, Doug Mansfield, interviews veterans from different eras of history and gives them the opportunity to tell their stories uncut and unedited. The program has earned several Mississippi Broadcaster awards for its content as well as its commercials featuring military articles arranged in a fully functioning camp site.