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Finally Finished with the Door Track!!

Well it was one heck of a job, but the door track is done! Over 700 rivets were used to complete the job. All of the skin has noe been reinstalled and the NAV light has been overhauled and installed, as has the air scoop. Door function great now. and the addition of the door seal will help keep water out. The restoration of this UH-1 is a tremendous job, but the only way to look at this is one part at the time.

A guy who visited the Museum just the other day looked inside the old girl and said “This is a disaster” It may look like a disaster to someone who is a volunteer for a larger Museum with Millions in their budget, but each and every Military Vehicle I have ever restored has started pretty much a disaster. So I will just keep working on one system at a time and soon the old girl will not be restored and paying tribuite to all who had the honor of flying in such an icon. Well, enjoy the pictures of the latest work.

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